Archive | October, 2013

Here’s A Great Strategy To Boost Confidence

You’ve got 60 seconds to make an impression on people you meet. Professor Amy Cuddy, a social pyschologist of Harvard Business School, has discovered a surprising strategy to make the most of that critical minute. She argues that your body language shapes how others see you and surprisingly how you feel about yourself. Her research […]

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Twelve Disruptive Technologies You Can’t Afford To Ignore

Disruptive technologies can create significant economic opportunities for their supporters. At the same time they can leave other business models obsolete. Recent examples demonstrate that a lack of response to the emergence of a disruptive technology can be catastrophic. Think manufacturers of record players, camera film or sewing machines and you get the drift. The […]

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The Three Leverage Points of Leadership

Book Review – Executive Coaching The Breakthrough Company by Keith R. McFarland 2009 McFarland started his research for this book by asking three questions: Why do most companies start small and stay that way? What is special about the handful of companies that successfully “break through” the entrepreneurial stage of development? What can a leader […]

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