Crucial Conversations

Crucial ConversationsIn 2002, Patterson, Grenny, McMillan & Switzler published a book through McGraw Hill called Crucial Conversations and a second edition was published in 2012.

The book has sold millions of copies world-wide because it speaks to a common problem experienced by most of us– the fear and/or avoidance of holding a “crucial” conversation with another on an issue of concern to us.

The authors define a crucial conversation as a discussion between two or more people where:

  • the stakes are high
  • opinions vary
  • emotions run strong

If not handled well, these conversations can be ineffective and potentially damaging to the relationships of the people involved.

Highly effective leaders know how to conduct these conversations in a respectful, productive and safe way that engenders trust and delivers positive outcomes.

A summary of the key points in Crucial Conversations is attached for reference but is not a replacement for reading the book yourself.

If you have not done so, I would encourage everyone to read the full text and test your skills in conducting Crucial Conversations.

Read Summary of Crucial Conversations.


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