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Board Business

Board Business is a specialist consultancy that focuses on accelerating the performance of organisations. Established in 1999, Board Business has assisted clients throughout Australia and New Zealand to improve their performance. It has achieved this through effective strategy development and better understanding of risk, assessment of governance performance and coaching of high potential Directors and Executives.

Our clients represent all industry sectors and organisation types. Whether public or private companies, co-operatives, statutory authorities or not-for-profits – the ability to accelerate performance is achievable for all.

Our approach is targeted, personal and performance focused and we measure our success by the value our clients attribute to their success.

Trish Ridsdale Bio Portrait

Trish Ridsdale

Trish is an experienced Independent Company Director, Chairman and specialist consultant.

I have always been fascinated in how organisations work and I have been fortunate to enjoy an extensive executive journey including public company secretary, business risk consulting practice leader, and management roles in industrial relations, human resources and internal audit.

This experience has provided me with a unique insight into what is really important when creating and sustaining organisational success. Making the essential linkages between strategy, risk, governance and individual performance capability – the key drivers of an organisation’s success – is my specialty.

My current roles as company director, chairman and director educator have enabled me to take this experience into the board rooms of companies around the country.

Trish Ridsdale – Career Summary

I am proud to work closely with the following great companies.