Strategy describes how an organisation intends to create value for its shareholders and stakeholders. It confirms the reason for the organisation’s existence, its aspirations for the future, the chosen path forward, and the way it will measure its success.

For strategy to be effective, it must be robustly constructed, communicated clearly and succinctly, and be supported with accountability during delivery.

Board Business provides expert consulting services in strategy development, strategic planning and strategy review which are tailored to clients’ needs.

Board Business helps organisations to:

  • review their strategic direction;
  • better understand strategic risk;
  • develop their strategic framework;
  • communicate their plans for the future;
  • align the organisation to achieve strategic objectives; and
  • monitor the progress of strategy execution.

Board Business provides expert facilitators who are experienced executives and non- executive directors. They can develop a tailored approach to ensure that each session with your Executive and Board optimises the use of time and delivers discussion, commitment and results.

In addition, we can conduct in-house training on strategy and strategic planning so that Boards and Executives develop a shared understanding of the process.