Board Performance Review

Regular Board Performance Reviews are recommended by all regulators and governance peak bodies and are expected by shareholders and key funders and stakeholders.

Board Performance Reviews are an opportunity to reflect on the collective performance of the Board, the individual performance of directors, the appropriateness of the governance framework in place, and the areas for improvement that the Board may wish to consider.

Board Business provides experienced directors to facilitate Board Performance Reviews.

We consider Board performance against three key areas:

Effective Performance

This considers how effectively the Board fulfils its governance functions and responsibilities.

Efficient Performance

This considers how efficiently the Board operates.

Ethical Performance

This considers the guidance and leadership that the Board provides regarding ethical beahviour and decision making.

The review method is bespoke to meet the objectives of the Board Performance Review.

Options include:

  • Desktop review of governance documentation compared to contemporary practices;
  • Questionnaire based information gathering;
  • Comparison of Board and Management perceptions of Board Performance;
  • Comparison of individual Director self-assessment to the assessment of the peer Directors;
  • One on one Director and Management team interviews;
  • Facilitated Board discussions;
  • Individual Director reporting and coaching sessions; and
  • Benchmark comparison of governance practices.

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