Simple Rules for Smart (Organisational) Simplicity

Yves Morieux, in his TED talk in Oct 2013 called “As work gets more complex, 6 rules to simplify” contends that conventional organisation development methods are obsolete and ineffective – but continue to be used by leaders who then do not understand why their employees do not collaborate in the achievement of shared goals.

In this age of global competitiveness, organisations are challenged to increase productivity, accelerate innovation, and maneuver themselves into a position of strategic sustainability. This requires strong alignment of motivated people to deliver results.

Morieux argues that the continued use of complicated organisation structures, controlling policies, and segmentation and reduction of authority achieves the total opposite of the outcomes we are hoping for.

He suggests six simple rules for achieving real and lasting collaboration throughout the organisation.

  1. Understand what your people do
  2. Reinforce integrators
  3. Increase the total quality of power
  4. Extend the shadow of the future
  5. Increase reciprocity
  6. Reward those who co-operate

His rallying cry is that the real battle is not against our competitors, but against ourselves, and the biggest threat to our success is our own bureaucracy and complicatedness.

Having seen for myself many of the characteristics he describes in organisations I  have worked with, I recommend we give consideration to his suggestions for change.

View on Ted: Yves Morieux: As Work Gets More Complex, 6 Rules to Simplify


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