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Crucial Conversations

In 2002, Patterson, Grenny, McMillan & Switzler published a book through McGraw Hill called Crucial Conversations and a second edition was published in 2012. The book has sold millions of copies world-wide because it speaks to a common problem experienced by most of us– the fear and/or avoidance of holding a “crucial” conversation with another […]

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TED Talk: Johanna Blakley: Social Media and The End of Gender

This talk is interesting as Johanna Blakley considers how industry might use data that flows from online consumer behaviour. She suggests that this real data may replace existing outdated age and gender segmentation. In essence, she suggests that industry can now measure real behaviour via online click streams. She believes this will foster a new […]

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Global Megatrends – How will they impact your business?

In 2012, the CSIRO Futures team released the second version of their flagship publication called “Our Future World – the global trends that will change the way we live.“ The report identifies six key megatrends over the next twenty years where megatrends are described as a collection of trends, patterns of economic, social or environmental […]

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