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How To Deal With Reputation Risk

Reputation risk is used to describe risks that result in damage to the reputation of the organisation which in turn exposes the entity to additional risks such as reduced revenues, loss of stakeholder support and employee turnover. Reputation damage is a potential consequence of a myriad of risks within the organisation. All risks identified in […]

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How To Get Organisational Strategy A Seat At The Table

Boards and management are often polarised on the role of Boards in developing organisational strategy. How can a group of independent Directors hope to understand the business sufficiently to drive strategy in the time available to them? Then again, it’s clear that a good Board should be full of experienced business leaders who can add […]

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Where Do You Stand on Business Ethics?

If you are a Director on a Board, chances are you’ve already faced some tough questions on business ethics. Ethical decisions are not necessarily about doing what is legal. We’re talking about doing what is right, given the circumstances and the type of company that you’re governing. This can pose some significant challenges and we […]

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