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The Characteristics Now Needed For Successful Executives

A recent interview with the Global Chief Executive of headhunter, Egon Zehnder raised some interesting points regarding the characteristics that are now required of successful executives for today’s changing world. Rajeev Vasudeva, in an interview with the Australian Financial Review (28-29 March 2015), highlighted four key markers that Egon Zehnder now look for when headhunting […]

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The Three Leverage Points of Leadership

Book Review – Executive Coaching The Breakthrough Company by Keith R. McFarland 2009 McFarland started his research for this book by asking three questions: Why do most companies start small and stay that way? What is special about the handful of companies that successfully “break through” the entrepreneurial stage of development? What can a leader […]

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CEO’s Facing New Times

“So far leadership in the 21st century has been a walk on the wild side” or so begins McKinsey’s recent October newsletter and their article on today’s demands of leadership at the top. We know the story: a global economy not for the faint hearted, shareholders and interest groups with new found power, changes in […]

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